Weight Loss

After over 35 years as a Registered Dietitian I have seen many weight loss programs. They did not match my criteria for an excellent program I was willing to offer my patients.
My criteria:
  1. Sustainability of the weight reduction.
  2. Healthy approach  for improved appearance and well being.
  3. Losing fat and NOT muscle for less skin sagging and improved metabolism.
  4. Professional and individual supervision regularly to ensure that issues are addressed personally and appropriately.
  5. Healthy appetite, with satisfying, real, nutritional foods to eat
  6. No stimulants, hormones or other unnecessary and dangerous drugs
  7. As part of the plan to identify original causes for excess weight and correct them
  8. Works as well for a few pounds as well as a larger weight loss
  9. Reduction of medications for patients, further enhancing their health
  10. Consistent weight or inches lost when following the plan, energy holds or increases