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I am writing this from a B&B in Conwy, Wales. This is the best Wifi I have had access to for awhile. Last night I stayed in a youth hostel again, but moved today to the B&B. It is a marvelous little town with a castle and a wall around it on the river near the ocean. Lovely vistas, lots of sunshine while I have been here.

I am on my way to Ireland. I decided this weekend to go to Ireland after Wales instead of back to England. Conwy is a stopover going towards Holyhead to catch the ferry to Dublin. I realized I really liked this little town of Conwy and was not so excited about Dublin. The Conwy Tourist Information center found me an affordable, walkable B&B before the train left at 11:30 AM to Holyhead, so I decided to stay another day.

From Dublin I am going to Dingle on the Southwest coast to stay with a friend of Helen’s a couple of days. Then I head to Sneem on the Ring of Kerry for a couple of days with Pam, who I met in Greece at the homeopathy class. I am excited to visit Ireland, I have heard so many good things about it.

The training seminar in Wales with Dr. Helen Ford was great. She is a M.D., homeopath and medical intuitive. I had asked her in Greece if she could teach me how she accessed the information, so she set up a special two day seminar for me. I am pretty excited to say I was able to understand and do her process thereby accurately acquiring information about the emotional and energetic triggers causing all kinds of issues. It will be a great tool to add to my bag. I also found it very helpful for me to understand on a different level my own health issues where I can change my reaction to my triggers.

The seminar was held at her historical cabin in Wales. Thick slate walls, low door openings, tricky stairs to the second level, wood heat and a door for every room. We arrived in a grey fog, so didn’t see much outside the first evening:

The seminar was Saturday and Sunday. There was only one other student, so we were able to do a lot. Helen is also a great cook, so we ate very well.
This was the view when the cloud lifted:

In Birmingham I was able to walk to a Botanical Garden from my hotel. I was rained on, so was able to get some lovely flower photos.

and escaped the rain into the butterfly house:

Tomorrow Ireland.

10 thoughts on “Wales visit

  1. Jackie Marshall

    Wow…. I heard you went to see Vithoulkas in Greece! Whittini has passed the Comprehensive Exam… We all passed in Class 10!! We had our grad this weekend, Karen Allen was our Speaker. It was great to be all together.
    Keep inspiring us with your travels!! Stay safe.

  2. Patricia Ballentine

    Oh my…my heart just swells reading all of this!
    And so delighted you’re gaining even more tools….I have just been speaking with some friends about releasing triggers. I may refer them to you when you are back in the states.

    Continue to journey is safety and Joy my Friend!

    Much Love,

  3. Mary Ellen O'Brien

    Hi Valeria,
    Your stories and photos have been great. It has been fun to follow your travels. I was in Ireland once and would love to go back again some day. Enjoy the Irish hospitality!


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