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Not a lot to report this week – lots of sitting in class and a little sitting on the beach. It was interesting that Vithoulkas chose Cancer as his topic to discuss this week and we had several cancer cases we observed.

In summary Vithoulkas feels that Cancer is caused by either or both
1. external pollutants like medicines, chemicals and food additives
2. internal stress and a feeling of not being at peace with self.

He sees it affecting many spiritual, highly sensitive people where they are not supported by their bodies. They are mentally and emotionally healthy, but their body says good bye.

Prevention consists of having clean air and ecological (organic) food and live in a way that brings peace, security and true balance in life. Express anger and disappointment, don’t hold it in.

I can look back and see how I have been unwilling to the rock the boat and express my opinion or clearly state my needs. I would then felt a lot of pressure. It created a division and internal argument about what to do – so being consistently clear and honoring of my needs, even if it is not easy, is my goal.

I purchased Vithoulkas’ second volume of The Science of Homeopathy and am enjoying it. It is a discussion of the twelve levels of health we are born with and move to and how that affects the prognosis when treating someone with homeopathy. The first volume is a classic I have really enjoyed over the years and I am enjoying the second.

This is from a restaurant I had lunch with a friend, then went down to the beach during our afternoon break. The water was shallow and warm. There was shade and lounge chairs available to sit and read on the beach. It was lovely afternoon.

6 thoughts on “Vithoulkas course

  1. Mike Swain

    Hi Valeria, I have been following your interesting posts on your little trip around the world :-). Some of my class mates along with Cristina Chise and Dan Horvath from the Vithoulkas class at AMCH were there too and I think their time there overlapped with yours for a couple of days. I’m not sure if they were in classes but they did get to see Professor Vithoulkas.

    His second volume of Science of Homeopathy was required reading for a “Levels of Health” class we took. I enjoyed it too.

    I hope you are well,


    1. DrValeria Post author

      I did meet Cash(from Texas), Natalie, Whittni and Dea who might have been in your classes. Not that many Americans here.

      It has been a great journey and I am humbled by the number of people interested in it. Thank you.

  2. Patricia Ballentine

    Fruitful journey on so many levels, it appears. Grateful that you are sharing it with us! <3

  3. Mamta

    Hi Dr Breiten,
    you seem to be having way too much of fun- not fair 🙂
    But hey Liam glad you could be there – do all the learning and then teach it all to us. Say hi Whittni, tell her the the 3 digit AZ is missing her 🙂

    1. DrValeria Post author

      I have enjoyed getting to know Whittni here. Her children goes to a school with some friends of mine also – multiple connections! It is lovely here – you would enjoy coming sometime.


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