Spiritual Practice week

Tonight I am in Glasgow, Scotland writing this. I caught the bus from Forres to Elgin, then a standing room only train to Aberdeen where I transferred to the train to Glasgow. This is photo from the train of flowers and the sea in the distance.

I had a wonderful man help me get on the right train to my Air BnB in Glasgow and tell me about what to see in Glasgow. All the museums and botanical gardens are free. The botanical gardens are only a 20 minute walk from where I am staying, so I plan to walk over there tomorrow morning. Maybe have tea.

A friend from my first week at Findhorn is managing an AirBnB in Glasgow and offered to let me stay for free since it was empty this weekend. It is on the third floor, no elevator – so glad I have luggage I can carry! There is a wood exterior door – like a shutter with two halves that has to be opened about six inches before the door into the apartment. Figuring out the keys was tricky, but had a nice neighbor man offer show me how when I was not figuring it out. It is a lovely, two bedroom apartment with full kitchen. The washer machine is in the kitchen under the counter, next to the sink, then the clothes are hung in the bathroom on a rack that is lowered with rope down over the shower. Saves on energy use. A version of this rack was in laundry room at Findhorn and in cottage at Erraid, so seems to be a practical drying solution in this damp climate.

The spiritual practice, meditation retreat was very good. Lovely people and some interesting meditation techniques shared. We had a twenty-four hour silence with minimal interaction with others, no phones or computers. I found that to be quite powerful and brought me some wonderful insights. One that came up very clearly was that I needed to work for Clean Air, Clean Water and Clean Earth. All of them are essential for our continued well being on this planet.

This was one of the lovely meditation gardens at the Park. We had snow two days, so stayed inside those days.

I was having some right flank – kidney pain during the week that I identified as probably a kidney stone from doing the ketogenic diet last year. Fortunately it became apparent to me what homeopathic remedy to take. When it became more of a problem, in a meditation I received instruction to spend a couple of hours of drinking lots and lots of water and walking up and down my room. After that I could feel the stone moving down my ureter, a much milder pain. I have not had a problem since the spring before I came to Europe by myself in 1972, when I was 19 years old and in college. Isn’t that an amazing coincidence 45 years later.

This was my room this stay, which by good luck I had to myself.

On Tuesday, May 2nd, I am catching a flight from Edinburgh to Athens, then over to the island of Crete. I am going to stay in an AirBnB there and will write, visit the beach, hike and visit ancient ruins.

6 thoughts on “Spiritual Practice week

  1. Janell Cauble

    My, You are busy and seeing a lot. I think you are so brave to be doing and going to so many places.
    I admire you for that. Come home safely. Love y ou, Aunt Janell

  2. Patricia Ballentine

    Practice and patterns….
    The stone…very interesting timing. Honoring the depth of your journey and awareness.

    Always looking forward to each piece!

    Much Love,

  3. Michelle Estrada

    This is so nice to see, Valeria!! All that green, and it’s soft too…if we see green it’s usually followed by a poke LOL Enjoy, I can’t wait to hear about Crete and the Air BnB…you are going from green to blue, you are getting in all your colors!

    Michelle E


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