Packing and playing

I am moving down my list to get ready to go.  I did my taxes, met with physicians, going to meals with friends and packing.  It is definitely bittersweet the saying good bye’s and the excitement of my new adventure in travelling.

The house appraised less than the selling price, so I agreed to lowering the price.  I couldn’t see putting it back on the market, unpacking the decor, having to go thru inspections, appraisals, etc again and maybe not be any better off for it.  It is a relief to have it done and know all will most likely be finished February 24th.  The house does feel kind of bare and like I am living in someone else’s house – which I almost am.

Julie has been a great help coming regularly to help me pack the complicated things – the decor, the photos, the garage.  The garage is all done except a wire shelf that has gravity clip shelves.  I have it upside down in the garage and have banged on it until my hand was sore, but one shelf will not drop!  Dad and Ric have dealt with disassembling this shelf in the past and I know it was sometimes difficult.   I am thinking of adding some penetrating oil to get it to free up.


I had a wonderful hike yesterday going up Cathedral Rock near Sedona. These photos are ones Pam took. She and I drove up together. A friend of mine, Stephun, joined at the trail head.  It was great to have good friends with me and gorgeous weather.  It was harder than the last time I went before I started treatment, but I made it to the saddle.

It is interesting how I am parceling out the things important to me to friends to keep while I am gone.  Stephun is going to use the massage table from my office, Pammee is going to store my homeopathics in her closet, Cheryl is going to keep my cat Skyy, my cousins in Washington are going to keep my drums, my car on Kim and Ken’s farm in Oregon.  I will be spread out all over the west coast.

My reading recently has been the MoonSpinners by Mary Stewart about a woman hiking and having adventures on the island of Crete and Outlander by Diana Gabaldon about the Inverness area of Scotland.  Fun way to relate to the areas I am travelling to, but I don’t plan on having as much adventure as those heroines did.

9 thoughts on “Packing and playing

  1. Mary Ann Jeffers

    I am glad you are enjoying your time left here in the desert, you are such a busy gal. It looks like you are organized & accomplishing the things you need to do. You are going on a wonderful adventure & I am so happy for you. You will be missed in yoga class for sure. Be blessed.

    Mary Ann Jeffers

  2. Michelle Estrada

    Godspeed, Valeria! You are truly an inspiration to me. I am enjoying the books you recommended on parenting and I will miss your calming presence and your wonderful advice. Please stay well and enjoy the blessing coming to you! Michelle

  3. Pam Campbell

    I love what you are doing! I guess it would be fair to say that cancer was a “kick in the pants!” May blessings abound for you, Valeria, in each and every endeavor! Pam Campbell

  4. Suzi Mason

    I look forward to having a few days with you here in California. And, I just want to know why you are not planning to have as exciting adventures as the heroines in your reading…


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