Oregon and Washington visit

I did get my car unburied from the the four feet of snow that fell on it in the mountains near Tahoe. It took three of us and some warmer weather to get it out and chained up. Then I had clear freeways all the way to Ashland, Oregon. Coming down the mountain into Ashland felt like coming home. Ashland felt very comfortable. I was able to eat at a couple of my favorite restaurants, Mihama’s and Senior Sam’s. They both had the same menu and feel twenty years later! Made me feel young again.

I was not there very long, but had a wonderful time, Katharine had gotten a great deal on tickets to Shakespeare in Love at the Shakespeare festival. It was a marvelous play, very well done. Katharine and I went walking both morning for 10,000 steps as a fund raiser for women with Domi and Meg. Domi is a very experienced backpacker and hiker who has hiked in Scotland. She recommended for hiking in Scotland I purchase a smart wool zip neck sweater and a Patagonia jacket that is light weight, breathes yet is water and wind proof. I was able to sort through the stuff I brought along in my car and make some sense of it. I left a fair amount with Katharine, then headed up the road to Portland. It is a five hour drive, but I drove it so many times when I lived there, it was very familiar and the time flew by.

Jo, Shane and I went to an amazing Swiss Restaurant in Portland for dinner one night. Jo and I went shopping for the smart wool sweater and jacket at REI Portland. I wore the sweater every day for the next two weeks! I drove to my cousin Debbie and Nelson’s in Kennewick, Washington next. Stopped at Multonomah Falls on the way.
The melting snow and rains created a torrent and also closed the trail to the top.

I spent ten days on my cousins Alan and Cindy’s ranch on a spiritual retreat, praying outside three times a day, drumming, singing, sewing and doing Jungian dream analysis with a Lakota Medicine woman, Beautiful Little Dancing Crow. It was a powerful time of owning and re-claiming myself. Here is a link to her message Youtube for our times: Click here.

I also learned how to adapt to much colder climate as the snows melted in Hartline, Washington. The snows were melting as I arrived and the mud was fierce! We went hiking and saw the first green emerging, ponds and waterfalls, but I also had to dig out one hiking boot from the mud when it got sucked in to the muck. I slept in an unheated room with lots of covers and two layers of clothes from head to toe. I was really glad to have silk long johns, wool sweater and wool shoes. My last day we had this amazing rainbow that actually doubled itself too.

I’ve spent a couple of days in Spokane with Mary and Jan, my internship roommates from long ago! We have amazingly all kept in fairly close contact over the 43 years since our internship. We ate out, went to Beauty and the Beast new movie, walked along the Spokane river, watched an exciting Gonzaga University basketball game at a movie theater and played rummy. Lots of fun hanging out with old friends. The Spokane river and falls were impressive to see.

Tomorrow I am getting an early start driving to Seattle area to visit my cousins Brian and Debbie. Snow is expected on Snoqualmie Pass in the afternoon and I want to be over it before then.

5 thoughts on “Oregon and Washington visit

    1. Valeria

      I am delighted to hear Skyy is doing so well and has a good friend in Heather. I was a little surprised at my lack of WIFI for several weeks, but all is good with me. This is a good trial run for travelling in Europe!

      I miss you too Cindy! Been pretty busy though.

      I left Spokane early and made it over Snoqualmie Pass with little problem except a speeding ticket! Ouch.

  1. Cheryl

    So glad to hear of your journey so far and that you are able to reconnect with family, friends, and yourself!
    Skyy is settling in here quite well. We kept her in her own room for the first month, and now she claims that room as *her* room. She ventures out to explore, but returns to her room for security, comfort, and of course, food. Heather spends all her time here with Skyy. They have become good buddies.


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