Office closing after February 17th

Things are moving even faster than I had anticipated!  My house is sold and I was able to change my lease to end with February, so I am making travel plans and packing.  It was hard initially to wrap my head around the whole thing.  I have spent months getting the house ready to show and sale.  The inspection is Tuesday and then I will feel close to done.

If we need to meet to set up things for the future, it needs to happen before February 17th.  You can make an appointment on the website or calling 480-857-2768.  I am planning on having the phone and fax numbers forwarded to Dr. Barrie Zeller’s office and she will have your charts.

Amazingly my house sold on the day I listed it on Multiple Listings!  First person to see it bought it.   We agreed that the house would close on February 24th, so I need to close my office and consolidate my things for going into storage before that.  I plan on leaving with my cat, Skyy, on the 24th and driving to Los Angeles and spending a day or two (depending on how Skyy is doing) with Lili, my daughter.   Then I will drive up towards Ashland,Oregon, perhaps stopping in Sacramento area to visit family.

I plan to have a going away, giveaway open house on Saturday the 18th.  I will not be able to take any of my plants, food, candles, etc. that won’t tolerate the heat of storage for six months.  I hope you will plan on coming by if you are in the area.  Call me if you need my address.

Skyy will stay with my  good friends, Kim and Ken Wienke, on their 8 acre ranch outside of Medford, Oregon while I travel about.  When I fly off to Europe I will also park my car, covered, on their property to await my return.  Fortunately they live very close to the Medford International Airport.

I have booked my plane reservation for flying to London on April 4th, giving me a month to get settled in Oregon and visit my other daughter Jo in Portland and relatives and friends in Washington.  I plan to post a blog each weekend letting you know what is happening.


2 thoughts on “Office closing after February 17th

  1. Barbara Becker

    Congratulations Dr. Breiten! I’m very excited and happy for your new adventures and beginnings. I love Ashland, Oregon. How cool you’ll be there with your kitty!!

    I moved to Durango, Colorado two months ago to start a new life.

    I send many blessings and safe travels to you!
    You are a great Naturopathic Doctor and Registered Dietician! Ashland is blessed to have you.


  2. Dawn Kehr

    Dr. Valeria,

    I am so happy to hear that you are happy, healthy and that your future is bright. Enjoy the adventures ahead in Europe and when you return to Ashland. I am so excited for you.

    I am looking forward to moving in a new direction as well in 2017. I successfully completed project management certification in September, which is starting to open many new career paths for me. As well, I am planning to join the National Speakers Association this year, so that I can share my personal experiences with cerebral palsy and how I found health and creative expression along the way.

    Without your guidance and compassion over the last 12 years, I know I would not be half the person I am today. Please stay in touch.

    Forever grateful, your friend,



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