Herbal Medicine

Dr. Valeria enjoys working with herbal medicines. The plants bring a wonderful energy to the healing process. She will develop and recommend custom herbal tincture mixes for individual patients to meet their health needs. She uses tinctures because they are the best absorbed form of herbal medicine for most herbs and buys only from sources she trusts. (For maximal absorption, capsules are second in preference and tablets the last choice)

A great herbal tincture is in many ways like a fine wine. It has to come from beautiful, healthy plants, that are correctly identified by an expert in the field and they have to be handled and processed properly to give the maximum amount of the proper constituents. Experienced wine drinkers can tell the difference in taste between an expensive and inexpensive wine, but chemical analysis would probably not indicate much of any difference.. In the same way an herbal tincture that is well prepared by a person that is knowledgeable from whole plants prepares a medicine that is not able to be chemically analyzed as different, but is far superior to anything standardized on an ingredient that may not even be active.

Therefore, Dr. Valeria dispenses products from companies that she knows supervise every aspect of their product and are consistently excellent. This allows her to know exactly what the patient is receiving and at what dose of active ingredients. Certainly, any herbal prescription can be filled at the customer’s choice of any other herbal dispensary.