Clinical Nutrition

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Holistic Nutrition Counseling

  • Dr. Valeria was a Registered Dietitian, studying and counseling on nutrition issues for over 30 years. She has come to tremendous respect for the wisdom of the body and works with patients to become in better tune with it.
  • Improved nutrition through better food choices can give the body the tools it needs to heal. We are what we eat is very true.
  • Frequently the foods we crave are for a reason and discovering that reason is very helpful in moving towards resolving health issues.
  • Dr. Valeria will work with you from wherever you are and create an individual eating plan that moves you toward greater health. It is most helpful for your long term health to make changes that you can learn to enjoy as part of a healthy lifestyle.
  • Frequently people are confused on what are good food choices. Dr. Valeria provides them with good, sound explanations for ways to improve their health through eating. This combined with addressing the root of the problem helps them move towards more energy and vitality
  • Dr. Valeria has supervised weight reduction programs, participated in them and is very knowledgeable after over thirty years as a dietitian about weight related issues. Her focus is on changing eating habits for sustainable weight change and her clinic’s success rate is very high. People feel better, look better and are healthier at the end of the program.
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If you are interested in a nutrition evaluation as part of your office visit this food diary will help give you a more accurate assessment.