Naturopathic Principles
Respect the Wisdom of the Body
Find the Source of the Problem
Do No Harm
Physician as Teacher
Preventative medicine and
wellness promotion
What is a licensed, naturopathic physician?
Naturopaths are licensed in Arizona as physicians after they complete pre-med courses, graduate from a four year naturopathic college and then pass national licensure board exams. They are trained to look at the whole person and determine what the root of the problem is. Therapies are ones that work with the body’s natural healing mechanisms to move the body towards health. A naturopath will try to avoid treatments which merely suppress the symptoms instead of stimulating healing.
Will my insurance pay for a naturopath?
Many insurance companies do pay. If the insurance policy says they will pay for your choice of a “physician” than in Arizona they are required to pay for a licensed naturopath since they are physicians. If you have HMO coverage that dictates which physicians you see, than that is another story. Dr. Valeria is only signed up as a specialist physician with CIGNA.
Your insurance is a contract between you and usually your employer. Encourage your employer to offer plans that include naturopaths, if they don’t already. If you are self employed, consider looking at an insurance plans with a high deductible and create a Health Savings Plan(HSA) to pay for office expenses. Our office does accept credit cards. If you file promptly with the insurance company, frequently you can have your reimbursement by the time the credit card bill comes.
Can you treat cancer?
Naturopaths have some excellent adjunct therapies for treating cancer to reduce side effects and increase the effectiveness of the conventional treatments such as radiation and chemotherapy. Many of these treatments have the support of scientific studies and the patient’s increased survival and quality of life.
Can you treat menopausal symptoms, fibroids, painful menses and other female problems?
Homeopathy, nutrition, Scenar and herbs can powerfully change and improve your quality of life. Many times you can avoid drugs and their side effects or surgery and the hospital and recovery time. In addition you are improving your general health and well being for a better future.

NMD = Naturopathic Medical Doctor (Arizona license)
RD = Registered Dietitian (National registration)

CCH = Certified Classical Homeopath