Moving week

It really all happened, I am on my way. I am writing this from my daughter, Lili’s, apartment in Los Angeles. The suitcases I will have for the next eight months packed in my car along with food, gifts, things that need to be stored with friends and cousins while I am gone. I am slowly decompressing after the emotional and physical work of downsizing, releasing and moving on.

What a week! Packing, sorting, letting go of work, pets, friends, family and stuff. I took my cat, Skyy, to her new home on Friday and cried off and on all day. She howled all the way to Cheryl’s, making me very glad I was not driving her to Oregon! Cheryl’s daughter, Heather, was great and they have taken good care of her.

I had wonderful going away dinners, visiting some of my favorite restaurants like Lalibelas Ethiopian, Charm Thai and Joe’s BBQ. My truly good friend Julie was right there helping me with all the decisions and packing from the beginning to the very end.

The Saturday party giveaway was great. Friends arrived just perfectly timed through the afternoon and evening so I was able to spend time with each of them. I gave away all TV table, entertainment center, couches, plants, candles, liquids, cleaning, dated stuff that wouldn’t last until I get back in the fall in the heat of a warehouse. By the time everything was picked up and hauled away I had two chairs and one table in my living room and two small tables, filing cabinet and a chair in the office. The place echoed!

The office was emptied out on Monday and distributed – my homeopathic remedies to Pamee (along with my patio furniture and big plants). The patient chart file cabinet is at Dr. Zeller’s and my phone and fax both go to her office now. I drove the UHaul truck and had two hired movers do the heavy lifting. It was still an exhausting day.

It has felt very strange to have no cat, no business and now no house. The house sale closed 5:00 PM Friday the 24th. I have not felt this free since I was a college undergrad. It is disconcerting to have so much freedom, but also opens me to more possibilities in my life.

Moving day when the men came to pack up the Uboxes was the final crest of the moving activity. They loaded everything like a giant puzzle. I had hoped to have only two boxes, but I had three in the end to store. I woke moving morning realizing Julie and Stephun were right – I was planning on taking too much stuff in my car. I had not really thought that out. So that morning I did a major reduction in supplies and clothes down to the essentials. It was a lifesaver having Julie with me through the whole selling and packing process – she kept me on task. Stephun came down from Sedona and helped the last day and a half with the heavy physical projects. I could not have gotten it done without both of their help. I would go into overload and they were able to help me make good decisions.

I made a last minute decision to pack most of my shoes into the storage boxes. Then later I got worried I had included my hiking boots. Thank goodness I had packed them along with my hiking camel in separate bag, so all is good. I am ready to hike where ever I will be.

I went to Dr. Andria Orlowski for a final treatment Thursday. She finished up injecting my scar from my chemo port on my stomach meridian, did some IV treatments and nutrition plus her marvelous cranial sacral body work. Got me all ready to travel.

I am watching the sunrise in Los Angeles this morning on an new era for me.

14 thoughts on “Moving week

    1. Cheryl Edmonds

      What a journey to this point, you did it! I wish you a wonderful visit with your daughter. Enjoy your new found freedom. Safe travels. Look forward to all your posts,


  1. Pam Kraus

    Yay, the work is done and now time to adventure on! My back patio looks great, BTW. We will grill and hang out w my kitty when u swing back thru in the fall. Big hugs!

  2. Mary Sandall

    Good luck on your new journey! Sounds like an exhausting week both physically & emotionally. So glad you had great friends to help. Looking forward to our visit when you reach Spokane. Love you lots!

  3. Cynthia M Cauble

    WOW. What an incredible journey you are on Val….I sit in anticipation of being introduced to who comes out at the other end. You will be a new and rested and excited version of the Valaria I know…..and that is too exciting…be safe and we will see you in a few weeks. Love love love to you

  4. Mamta

    Good Luck with the new chapters that you are adding to your life Dr Breiten.
    May you find love and joy everywhere you go !!!

  5. Spooners

    A new chapter in your life, an exciting new adventure. We are so very happy for you!

    Blessings and our Love,
    Ed and Sandy

  6. Jackie Marshall

    Well, you are blowing me away. …. letting it all go. that is so fantastic! I know this will keep that momentum going on your healing journey. Some interesting things will come of this for sure. I will keep you in my prayers from safely and wellness. Lots of Love… Jackie


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