Moving along

Everything is moving along.  House inspections have happened and appraisal is scheduled.  All is going well on that end.  My Oregon friends that were going to take my cat, Skyy, while I was gone had a death in the family and decided that was not going to work out.  Facebook is pretty amazing, I posted and within a day the perfect person stepped forward to take Skyy.  She lives nearby and so now my stress about driving with Skyy is gone and I can visit my California friends and family longer on my way through.  It is interesting how you don’t realize the stress you are holding until it is released.  I am sad and will miss Skyy, but I know she will be a lot happier not having to make that trip right now and I will be happier not having to travel with her!

I had a patient yesterday who sold her house in one day also and has already bought a house in Grants Pass, Oregon.  She is leaving the end of February also.  What an amazing coincidence!  I had bought a “For Sale by Owner” sign and frame to mount it on at Ace hardware to put in front of the house, but I put it out – so was able to return it today for  refund.

Julie came this morning and helped me pack the kitchen things I won’t need while I am still here.  A lot of my cupboards are bare now.  It is funny that I am inspired to bake tonight!  I am baking a pumpkin custard with coconut cream, pumpkin and spices.  I had a can of pumpkin to use up.   I also am making a coconut butter and cocoa, chocolate bark recipe that my good friend Michelle developed.  I had a little coconut butter left and am emptying the jar.   I am looking at the food stuffs left in my cupboard and figuring out how to use them before I go.   A friend, Shelley, is coming over tomorrow and I will share my goodies with her.  I need to give away anything left when it is time to pack up.

My belongings will all be stored in UBOxes by UHaul – an affordable way to move and store things.  They will be stored here in Chandler until I decide where I want them moved.  It was not easy for me to accede to the idea that everything needed to stay here until I am back.  But my medical insurance wouldn’t go with me to another state.  My trust wouldn’t be valid.  It would affect my car insurance.   I am borrowing a friends address and keeping my Arizona citizenship for awhile!

I am going with the flow, keeping it easy, fun and simple.

6 thoughts on “Moving along

  1. Cyndy Gartside

    Dear Dr. Valeria, Wishing you well on your wonderful journey! Best wishes always, and thank you for your care, so deeply appreciated. Cyndy G

    1. Michelle Donaldson-Vilaboy

      Hello Valeria,
      I just received an email about your upcoming move and read your recent blogs. I had no idea all that has transpired in your life. So sorry to hear about your dad and your recent health issues. But happy to hear you are now much better and making exciting changes in your life. I wish you the best and hope to hear more about your adventures.
      Ashland is beautiful.

      big hugs,

  2. Barbara Becker

    Dear Dr. Valeria, many blessings I send to you, your kitty Skyy, and your journey abroad. Oregon is gaining a wonderful naturopathic physician who is super intuitive with many skills. Thank you for the guidance and care you’ve given me in the past.

  3. Cherri Carter

    Dr. Valeria,

    I wish you all the best in your endeavors! You will be missed. Thank you so much for being such a wonderful doctor and person!

  4. Nicole Harris

    I wish you the best as you move forward. Enjoy the rain and the cool weather. Cheers to you and your good health!


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