Wednesday was my last day seeing patients, now I am packing it up. I have another doctor buying my tincture inventory and a few other things. The changes at home and the office are quite apparent.

I am working hard at getting rid of things. Hauling things to Assistance League, selling things on Craigslist and OfferUp. People are interested, then they don’t show or it takes a lot of time to figure out coordinating out schedules. I did sell my large home desk and Mom’s cabinets last weekend. Lots of interest in my black leather couch, but no buyers. Saturday I am having a going away and giveaway party, if I missed letting you know about it, give me a call.

I packed my carry on suitcase and backpack I plan on taking on my Europe trip to see how it would feel. I am taking basics with me and thinking I will go thrift shopping when I get to Scotland for some big warm sweaters and a coat. I am going to take lots of layers I can wear under a windbreaker until I get something more. I think it will be fun to go thrift shopping in Inverness, Scotland! I re-read the Outlander book – it is all based right around Inverness.

I am taking most of my clothes with me in the car – if I am not going to wear them in the next month or in the fall when I get back, probably I don’t need them, so cleaning things out there too. I’ll only have a few work clothes I need to store while I am gone. I am looking at everything and trying not to store things I won’t be glad to see plus happy I paid storage fees. For example, I have revisited keeping my blue couch – I have had it since 1987 and the cats recently ruined the front. It is comfortable and I am emotionally attached from having it so long as I raised the girls, but it is not pretty. I think I need to let it go. It would be something I would not be happy to have paid storage on. It is a strange feeling to not really know where or when I am going to unpack my things.

I had someone suggest today that this is a vision quest I am embarking on and I thought that fit it pretty well. I expect to come back changed for the better, with a different perspective on what I would like to contribute to the world, but who know what that will be. I am curious to explore this opportunity mixed with some anxiety at completely unrooting myself. It will be more freedom than I have every experienced before. It is interesting to realize how much my house, cats and job have all created structure and also limits on my life in addition to being wonderfully supportive.

7 thoughts on “Lightening the load

  1. Katharine Danner

    I tell myself at times like you’re experiencing now, “It will all be revealed.” A friend gave me a saying when I was going through the divorce that is applicable, too, “You have to let go of who you were to become who you will be.”

    Scotland, the lochs, misty hillsides, smoky cottages where they weave blankets, and so many other memories are still rich in my mind. It’ll be a perfect place to find your new self and then your friends in the Rogue Valley will embrace you with open arms when you return.

    BTW: I’m speaking to the SOU retirees lunch tomorrow. It will be a walk down memory lane, I’m sure. Maybe when you get here we can go gather boulders along the freeway!

  2. Terri Murray

    Having gone through this material possession purge process a couple of years ago I will confirm it is liberating. I won’t say there aren’t times when I have a pang of regret over something I got rid of but those pangs aren’t life threatening😄 and the memories of those things are always there whether the ‘thing’ is or not. Enjoy the ride!

  3. Janell Cauble

    don’t change too much as I like the Valeria that you are now, Strong,wonderful, sweet , kind etc.
    aunt Janell

  4. Carolyn Gray

    Dr. Breiten,

    You have helped me so much and I love you very much. You are entering a new door in your life.
    I hope that you will be really happy and blessed.
    Many Blessings,
    Carolyn Gray


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