Landing in Ashland, OR

It has been a couple of weeks since I wrote. I was last in London near the Heathrow airport on my way back to the USA. As I write this I am in Ashland, Oregon staying at a friend’s house while she and her husband are travelling the month of September. Tonight Ashland is lovely comfortable temperature with windows open and crickets are going outside. I walked to the post office and stopped at the grocery store this evening. It is cool enough for sweater in the mornings.

The combination of jet lag, forest fire smoke and overwhelm with the details of daily life, have interfered with my ability to write the blog. Because I flew London to Los Angeles, then to Tennessee to visit my Mom and sister before I came to Ashland, the jet lag was hard on me. Then when I arrived in Ashland there was terrible forest fire smoke in the air. Brown and so thick could hardly see, then it became like a fog. I did not see the mountains or across the valley until it rained on Thursday and we had a little wind. I immediately felt better and clearer! They use a formaldehyde product in the foam fire suppressant they spray on fires and I am very sensitive to it. My mind felt in a fog being in the smoke.

I have a mailing address now here in Ashland at a Mail Stop. I having been talking to friends, house rentals, realtor, for sale by owner and trying to decide what to do for housing and an office. It has been fun to have friends over for meals, to have my own car to drive and a house all to myself. It also seems complicated to get life, business, car all going again. Lots of choices and decisions to make. In a lot of ways travelling was simpler, more basic and more in the moment, not having to project decisions into the future so far.

I had to replace both batteries, big and small, on my Prius! It is 10 years old and 130,000 miles, most of them in Arizona, which is hard on batteries, but still an unpleasant bill to pay when I first day I was here. I started the car up and tried to drive it to the shop, but part way there it wouldn’t go over about 5 MPH. So I had to get AAA to tow me in. That was a couple hour wait, so didn’t get it to the shop until nearly closing. Fortunately the next day, the batteries were in stock, so I was able to pick it up in the afternoon. The following day I was back at the shop because the air conditioning had stopped. It needed more freon. Sitting parked is hard on a car just like a body! We all need to move around.

So between my car, the smoke and the jet lag it was a rough landing!

When I get figured out what I want to do and commit to it, then I believe it will get easier. Housing and rent are expensive in Ashland, so my choices aren’t exactly what I want. The University starts up in a couple of weeks for the fall quarter, so students and faculty are in competition for housing too. Ashland is lovely place to live, so I don’t want to settle for living in neighboring towns. For example, I went to a free singalong the other night that was fun. I am reconnecting with people I have known a long time and meeting new people. Ashland is a community people don’t tend to leave.

I envision having a solar, energy efficient house plus garden with great neighbors. I see a naturopathic practice, two days a week, that is a combination of local office and online, distance patients. I will enjoy teaching workshops online about the alchemy of changing your life for the better, from the book I have been working on with Deb Andelt plus writing a book about my journey. Of course I will be working in travelling on a regular basis too, there are so many places I still want to see!

13 thoughts on “Landing in Ashland, OR

  1. David Clegg

    Dr. David Clegg here sending warm thoughts from Prescott, AZ…

    I am glad to hear you made a safe journey back to the USA. I understand the impact of the fire smoke and related chemicals shamefully used to slow the fires; we had problems in Prescott area back in July, and many of my Northwest patients are struggling through the smoke.

    I am sharing the title to a very important book which identifies 36 causes to memory disorders along with a protocol to reverse same conditions: The End of Alzheimer’s: The First Program to Prevent and Reverse Cognitive Decline, by Dale Bredesen, MD. His website is:

    One of the causal factors for many is MOLD…one familiar to me and your fine friend from Washington State.

  2. Terri Murray

    Coming back to ‘reality’ can be the pits uh? Now you know why I keep moving! Although ‘reality’ eventually hits a moving target too. Congratulations on a successful journey and to the beginnings of your next adventure. I originally planned on coming through Oregon the fall but the fires caused me to turn south through Colorado instead so I hope to see you another time.

  3. Bitten Christensen

    Hi Valaria,
    Oh Yes I feel you and all you Are saying as My own. Suddenly having to move in to a apartment with suddenly to figure rent pay, wifi, electricity and looking at paint and furniture seems Like a tough one on me Right now.
    I am already trying to figure 2018 out toget out from Sweden again. I felt the calling on going to France after a Friend of mine just visit Maria Magdalenas Cave and My Teachers girlfriend talks about her. Light to you Bitten

  4. Woosi

    Welcome back! I’m sorry you were greeted with the brown skies. It’s been so lovely to have a little rain and our blue skies back. We just need more so the fires get put out too.

    1. DrValeria Post author

      Yes, the rain was a total blessing here. I am realizing that some of my struggle is I was headed back towards practicing in office again and really I need to work on my books.

  5. Cheryl

    Welcome home. And these challenges are now part of your journey as well… I wish the best whilst getting everything all worked out.

  6. Ruth

    Welcome Home! Glad you are safely landed and richer for all of your travels. May the next step of your journey be rich with blessings.


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