Kissos, Greece

The work continues to reclaim this old house and grounds after being empty all winter. I have been primarily working on setting up the Round House – wood frame, canvas top, bamboo blind walls. It is about twenty feet in diameter. We had several days of cold weather and rain. The Round House is used for larger meetings and its roof is leaking and bamboo blinds needed repair. I dug a ditch today to redirect water from the roof. It was sunny today, but the ground was still soft from the rain yesterday.

Our dining area is gorgeous outside under grape vines and kiwi vines, so when it is raining we get food in the kitchen and sit around the house lobby area. It usually does not rain much after the first of June when the retreats start, so they are hoping for the best. It is definitely warmer when the sun is out!

Here at Kissos we are about 1600 feet above sea level, then in the afternoons we drive about 20 minutes down to the sea for a swim and shopping, then come back to work before dinner at 7:30. Everybody does some part of cooking and clean up for the meals in addition to the work we are doing to get things set up for the conference starting June 1. I will leave this Friday, May 26th before it all gets set for my homeopathy conference on the island of Alonissos. I can see the island from the beach we go to in the afternoons.

I am pleased to be able to walk quickly up and down stairs again, it took a week to recover from sore muscles after the Samaria Gorge hike. Three of my toenails are colored purple underneath from being jammed in my boot coming down so steep a hill all day, but they don’t hurt anymore.

Being in a community has been very interesting. The group is in a transition, so the rule structure is not as solid as it used to be, plus we are in setup work mode so it is different from retreat time. I have come to value the time spent having a meeting at the beginning of the work meeting and to hold hands and get settled. First there is a sharing of where people are for the day, then we discuss work projects and who is doing what. The conversations that I find frustrating are ones where the groups wants to discuss something that has to be a clear rule – like hand washing for kitchen work. As people arrive, the communication of the basic rules of the community need to be shared and understood clearly and some follow up to correct if misunderstood quickly.

I have had some great group projects where we brainstormed and then completed some good work. We have some very interesting discussions along the way. I have learned some new sayings – when there are people from so countries. Carl tells me when we get something to fit very well that it is “like a stocking on a chicken’s lip.” Isn’t that a great one?

I have had lots of lovely connections. I had a chakra energy treatment by Sylvia, a Austrian Naturopath yesterday at her nearby house. Laura is going to paint me a flower on a rock. Hara is going to teach us all some Greek today before dinner. She is a local person who is living here for the season. She teaches yoga and is on staff. The Greek alphabet makes signs hard to read and I have not had much success picking up the basics, so I am excited. A lot of Greeks speak English, but I would like to better be able to use the basics of hello, thank you, etc.

6 thoughts on “Kissos, Greece

  1. Mary Ellen O'Brien

    Hi Valeria, It’s good to hear you are doing well. I am sure you are learning a lot about living in community. Life is busy as usual here. My Dad went back to Michigan the end of May. He was here with me for 3 months. He is doing well and settling back in Michigan. I went to Chicago for 3 days for a NET (NeuroEmotional Technique) class. It was very good and I will begin using the technique on patients when I com fit it in. Enjoy all your adventures. Thanks for keeping us updated on what your doing.

    Take Care, Mary Ellen

  2. Kay Wyckoff

    Hi Valeria
    Love keeping up with your current location and activities. I feel your “pain” trying to deal with Greek — and to think my dad taught Greek at ASU “back in the day.”
    We are doing well, off to Des Moines this weekend for Genny’s high school graduation. Will be great to see Brad and family and I’ll pass along your doings!
    K & RG

  3. lecia cornett

    all sooo cool….you are going to have to give me lessons on where you found all these opportunities…I love off the usual tourist trail stuff….enjoying hearing all of it!!!

  4. Therese

    I am so enjoying following your journey Valeria! I’m so glad that you are getting over your injuries 🙂


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