Isle of Erraid

I am just finishing up my week on the Isle of Erraid. I have enjoyed being with the community here. Wonderful people on this lovely island. The weather has alternated from warm and sunny to cold and gray – it is April after all. We have worked in the gardens planting, I helped with some cooking one day and learned to make a rainbow candle they specialize in here.
I had a lovely hike. It was low key with lots of fresh air and wonderful people. here I am in my yellow Wellies – they were great for the mud and boggy places.

This is the inside of the house I stayed in – the wood stoves are the only source of heat – so it was wonderful to sit in front of and read in the evenings. Then I would fill up my hot water bottle and sleep under a very light and warm Duvet in the unheated bedroom.

The house had a cat – outside on the wall and old post office box.

View over the bay from the island, looking toward the island of Iona.

The island has a link to the Isle of Mull that that can be walked over at low tide. If you weren’t paying attention, you might not realize you had crossed over onto the island. It is important to pay attention to the tides to be able to return. My hostess, Beth and Klaire, walked over to her car to go shopping in town one day. I had met a hiker who came onto the island, Vanessa and hiked with her and showed her around the community before she hiked back across.

I will say goodbye and be boated across to the Isle of Mull tomorrow morning where I will get on the van for 6 hours ride back to Findhorn on the other side of Scotland. It will be sad to say good bye to everyone. I will join a Spiritual retreat on Meditation at Cluny for a week.

9 thoughts on “Isle of Erraid

    1. geoff dalglish

      Lovely to connect with your Erraid experience … I have many fond memories of the island and this tiny satellite community of the Findhorn Foundation xx

  1. Lesley Hesselmann

    The mailbox has the insignia “GR” which means it was installed during the reign of George V, Queen Elizabeth’s grandfather. He reined from 1910 to 1936. It may be 100 years old! No wonder it looks a bit rusty!


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