Island of Alonissos

Today is Saturday, May 27th and I am writing from my Air BnB on the island of Alonissos.

Getting to the island was quite amazing. I had an opportunity for a ride down to Volos where I needed to catch the ferry (the day before I thought I needed to catch the ferry). I had already bought the ferry ticket online a couple weeks ago. Adam suggested I just go down to the ferry and see if I could get on a day early, rather than get a hotel in Volos. When I went to the ferry, they looked at my ticket and pointed out that the ticket was good for that day! I had forgot what day I bought the ferry ticket for. If I had come down the following day I would have had to buy another ticket! The angels are watching out for me. It takes a lot of focus to travel by your self – nobody else to double check you.

The ferry ride was so smooth, I couldn’t tell the difference between being in port and moving along the sea. The sea has been very calm, like the waves on a large lake.

My Air BnB on Alonissos was glad to accommodate me coming early. Amy picked me up at the ferry. I joined the family for dinner, it was quite nice. This is the sea view sitting on the little patio adjoining my room.

This is my room.

The course at the International Academy of Classical Homeopathy, with George Vithoulkas, begins on Monday, takes a break next weekend, then finishes up the following week. The teaching and notes are using the Vithoulkas Compass software, which I have not used before, so I am spending some time this weekend learning it. I needed the wifi here to be able to use the program.

My landlady helped me negotiate a vehicle to get to and from class with. We will go late into the evening and it is quite a walk from where I am on top of this hill in the country. I first wanted a scooter, but the one her friend, Nicco, had to rent was like a big motorcycle and I could hardly get it on and off the stand. Nicco thought a small Fiat car would be better for me and gave me a deal for the 12 days I am here – 200 Euro which is $223. It is a five speed. I am a little rusty on using a clutch after having the Prius for 8 years, but I am doing fine. The roads on the island go every which way are very steep and narrow and the signs are small and confusing in the Greek alphabet – so I have made lots of explorations and turning around. Driving by myself on a Greek island is not anything I really thought I would be doing, but I am getting better every day. In 10 days I will be a pro. I remind myself it is an adventure. This is my little white Fiat in the driveway of the house I am staying.

Today, I went grocery shopping and to lunch in the nearby town of Patitiri. I met another homeopath, Abby, from Australia, we sat out on the patio on the street for lunch. As you can imagine we had a lot in common. She traveled four days to get here from Australia. This is from our table.

I’ve appreciated your well wishes for my toes. They are starting to look like I have a strange toenail polish on them. They don’t hurt, and the nails are not loose, so I think all is well, just look strange.

I am feeling glad I came a little early to get settled. I am also excited to be able to study here after 20 years of wishing I could come to this yearly May class in English. As Abby and I said today – it takes a dedicated homeopaths to get here! I am thrilled I made the trek.

4 thoughts on “Island of Alonissos

  1. Cauble and Crow

    We love you Val…we are thinking about you every day and sending all sorts of good energy your way and feeling such joy for you…

  2. cindy cauble

    Love you Valaria..sending love and good energy and feeling such joy for you on this journey

  3. Diane

    I remember you asking, “Well, what would you be doing if you could?” This is clearly YOUR answer to that question!! I love that you are up for adventure and what a scenic route you have taken! Much love and go easy on that wine in the picture! The Greek alphabet is difficult enough!


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