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Hello, it has been awhile since I posted a blog. I am pleased to report we had some rain to clear the smoke and today is a beautiful warm and sunny day. I am going to the Oregon Shakespeare Festival tonight to see Merry Wives of Windsor in the outdoor Elizabethan theater and am definitely taking a coat, because it will be cold when the sun goes down. I am wonderfully located in the house I am staying so I can walk there and home afterwards. My friend Katharine arranged a real deal for me on ticket prices for three plays, the advantage of living here and having good friends!

I have enjoyed cooking again and having a kitchen to myself, cook what I want, decide if I want to leave the dirty dishes until I fix the next meal. I have had friends over for meals and tea. It has been nice to be one place for almost a month.

Initially I felt very frustrated with looking for a place to rent or buy. Everything felt too expensive and also isolated. I discovered I did not want to commit to a year lease or purchase that would put me financially on the edge and living by myself. So, now I am starting over by looking first for how do I want to do intentional community living. That is where I started with this process last fall, but old habits die hard. I immediately started looking at the ads for places to rent or buy, which was not the right place to begin. Again I am rescued by my friend, Katharine, who is putting me up in October while I do all this looking about.

I find I truly want to be in Ashland. I continue to discover friends and acquaintances who are still living here. I lovely the welcoming and friendly feel of being here and talking to strangers in restaurants, saying hello and talking to strangers on the street.

I will have dinner tomorrow night at a Co-Housing group here in Ashland. They are a group of condos built as a group, individually owned, which have a community garden and a building for the twice weekly group dinners they have. To buy one requires agreeing to the covenants they have established and to participate in the group. There are none currently for sale, but I am interested to meet the group and learn how they are doing.

My next step is to go to the Western States Community conference in Escondido this weekend. I hope to learn more about intentional communities that already exist and perhaps how to start my own. I will increase my networking with other people on the West Coast who are living in intentional communities. I hope to learn a lot.

After the conference I am going to pickup my friend, Robbie, who I met at Findhorn and was my Scottish host in Glasgow, in San Diego. We are headed on Arizona road trip for a week. Robbie wants to see Phoenix, the Grand Canyon and do some desert hiking. We will arrive Sunday evening at Pam’s and head straight up to Sedona Monday and hike with Stephun. We plan to go to the Grand Canyon on Tuesday, October 3rd, coming back that night to Tempe. I hope to visit with a bunch of my friends before we leave Saturday afternoon, the 7th. I am sure Robbie would love some hiking partners while I am busy some of these days with meetings and such, if any of you are available. He is headed to South America to learn more about permaculture after our trip.

When I get back to Ashland, October 11th, I plan to revamp my website and activate my scheduling calendar and start doing online visits plus Southern Oregon house calls. My Oregon license should be here by then. They have everything, but are waiting for my latest security check to come back. I do not plan on getting a DEA license again nor malpractice. My practice will be classical homeopathy, second opinions on interpreting lab work, diagnosis plus lifestyle/nutrition/herbal recommendations. For local people, I will include Scenar treatments.

I plan on still blogging as I continue to investigate intentional communities. I hope to get to talk to you soon! Best wishes, Valeria

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  1. How wonderful, your adventure continues AND will bring you back to AZ. I hope we get an opportunity to visit!

  2. Hi Valeria, I imagine the conference in Escondido will be interesting. I will look forward to hear about it and all your travels. I don’t know if I will get to see you in AZ. I leave Wed. (10/4) after work to go to Sedona for a NET conference. I won’t get back until Sat. night. Mary Ellen

    1. I hope we can connect on the phone or internet chatting some time soon. Love to hear how you are doing.

    1. Thanks Oriol! We had a great road trip to see the Grand Canyon and hiking in Sedona was marvelous.

  3. Valeria, I am so inspired by your blog – the way you write in such a matter of fact style, and the interesting adventures you are having, meeting people and connecting the dots to find your place in the world.

    Look forward to visiting you in Ashland one day!

    I go to various conferences or gatherings about communities annually and would love to read about your take on the one in Escondido

    Best wishes


  4. Are you planning to come to the AZhomeopathy conference? If so, hope to see you there!! good to keep hearing from you!!

  5. Hi there! Well I am stuck in TX so I wont be able to see you and hear about your great adventures. But it sure sounds like you are living a rich life and have some exciting plans going forward. And this “International Communities” concept sounds interesting. Keep well!!

  6. Big thanks for the very interesting update. Looking forward to more. No health reports, so we’ll take that as a positive! Pam

  7. Hi Valeria. I’m interested in selling my Scenario unit. It hasn’t worked for me and it seems wasteful to just keep it on the shelf.

    1. Hi Barbara,
      I am sorry I did not see this and get back to you sooner. I am sorry the Scenar unit has not worked for you. Unfortunately I am not able to recommend someone to buy it from you at this time. Best wishes,

  8. Oh yay!!!! You are here now? I’d love to see you! Hopefully we can make it fit. I will text you!

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