CEASE therapist

The treatment of autistic children and even adults has matured and is called CEASE Therapy, which stands for Complete Elimination of Autistic Spectrum Expression. Step by step all causative factors (vaccines, regular medication, environmental toxic exposures, effects of illness, etc.) are detoxified with the homeopathically prepared, that is diluted and potentized substances that caused the autism.

What does CCH stand for?

Dr. Breiten is certified as a Classical Certified Homeopath (CCH). CCH’s voluntarily meet standards set out by our organization that demonstrates their expertise. Each homeopath must pass a written and oral exam created and administered by the Council for Homeopathic Certification, which includes adhering to a code of ethics and client bill of healthcare rights.

What is classical homeopathy?

Homeopathy is based on the principle of “like cures like”. The patient’s disease symptoms are matched to the substance’s symptoms created when taken by healthy people. When they match very well, then powerful healing can occur. If they don’t match, then usually nothing happens. This principle was first recorded by Parcelsus, but brought into being homeopathy by Samuel Hahnemann about 200 years ago.
Classical homeopaths stay very close to the procedures and processes developed by Samuel Hahnemann. These continue to work very well and although many other ways are experimented with, they don’t have the success rate and cures that a skilled classical homeopath can achieve. They will spend the time to hear the patient’s full story, determine the one medicine or remedy best matching the symptoms and give one homeopathic remedy at time.

How does a classical homeopath work?

The doctor licensed to practice homeopay will listen carefully to the patient describe their life and symptoms. Dr. Breiten will ask you to schedule an additional hour appointment dedicated to finding the correct medicine for you. She may then study your information for up to a week, comparing it to the known symptoms of the several thousand homeopathic remedies we have information on. A remedy is then prescribed for the patient.

How much does it cost?

The homeopathic remedy costs between $12 and $15. It can be a daily liquid or one time only pellets to be taken under the tongue. The daily liquid is usually a two month supply. Dr. Beiten generally address your basic complaints at your first visit, then will ask you to return for a one hour visit focused on the additional information she needs for the homeopathic treatment.
Your health is something of almost priceless value. Homeopathy, like many natural medicines, is cost effective over the long run because it brings you to greater health. Homeopathy requires an initial investment of time and money, so the doctor can learn to know you very well. Regular homeopathic follow ups to assess the action of the remedy increases the success of the treatment. The first follow up is usually done at one month. Some people require a sequence of remedies for their healing. Dr. Breiten will use complementary naturopathic therapies to support your body in healing and removing obstacles to cure. As a result of addressing your root issues, tremendous improvements in your health and well-being can occur.

Principles of Classical Homeopathy

Like cures like

All provings (symptom data collected) on humans

Has over 200 years of data gathered based on unchanging principles

Is a vitalistic medicine

Treats the whole person

Take one homeopathic medicine at a time

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