Happy New Year to everyone!  I have big changes coming in 2017 that might affect you.  I have enjoyed getting to know each one of you during my 20 years  in Arizona and hope I get to see you before I go.

Some of you may know that I have had a rough time the last several years with caring for my parents, my father dying and then I have gone through treatment, conventional and alternative for an aggressive form of breast cancer.  I did a blog that some of you followed through that process.   I am now cancer free and plan on following some of my dreams for extensive travelling plus relocating back to the Northwest.

I am taking a six month care giving sabbatical, closing my office and plan on travelling in Europe.  I am selling my house in Chandler and will leave when it is sold.  I am putting the house on the market the middle of January.  I am told houses are moving quickly these days, but it is hard to say when it will all close.  My office lease is up the end of March, 2017, so I plan to leave by then. When I know my departure date, I will be sending out the information through these newsletter/blogs.  My Fullscript virtual pharmacy supplement prescription link on my website will continue to be available to you for refills of supplements.  I appreciate the support.   If you have special orders from Herbal Vitality or for LM homeopathics, which I do for you, we need to talk about how to be sure you are going to be taken care of while I am gone.

All my current patient charts are going to move to the office of a good friend and colleague,  Dr. Barrie Zeller, just a couple miles away on Dobson Road, in Chandler.    Click here to view her website.  (  Her receptionist, Michelle, will be able to give you your chart or schedule an appointment.  We are going to change my phone and fax to ring at Dr. Zeller’s office, so prescription refills and appointment requests will be going to her.   Dr. Zeller is not yet on CIGNA insurance as a preferred provider.   (She only is a CIGNA provider through a Southwest College of Naturopathic Medicine off site clinic).  She hopes to be able to be a provider within a reasonable time.

As of the first of the year I am not accepting new patients.   I plan on moving  to Ashland, Oregon.  In the fall, I may come back to Phoenix area after my Europe travels to visit and hope to see some of you.  I will still have the same cell phone number if you need to reach me.  I will also then be available online via Zoom software to do consults.     I will be licensed in both Oregon and Arizona for 2017.

This blog will be a way for those of you interested in following me on my process and travels.  I will be posting probably weekly about what I have learned and seen on my travels.   I plan to visit sustainable communities and eco villages in Scotland, Greece and Scandinavia, plus who knows what all!

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  1. Candice Roccia

    Bless you on this exciting journey! I look forward to seeing your inspiring journey. You deserve this!


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