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I am sitting by the fire, snow heaped up high outside the window near Truckee, California. I arrived last night and a big storm is moving in today and tomorrow. My good friends Cathy and Earl have built this lovely place over the past 14 years. It has been wonderful to see the project every year on my visits as it came closer to completion. The three of us met when we were 18 years old our first year of college at Cal Poly, so we are long time good friends! They came to take care of me for my last and worst chemo treatment in December, 2015. We are like family. We are also all making medicare decisions this year. They have been semi-retired for several years, finishing their house has been their work and now it is essentially complete.

I spent most of the week near Santa Cruz, in Aptos walking on beaches with my close friend Suzi. The sun shone and it was a crisp temperature. I was very pleased to be able to go up and down the beach cliff to the beach easily. Last fall I was huffing and puffing. So I am in better shape for this journey. The fierce weather in February did a lot of damage and brought huge amounts of debris onto the beach. A lot of the beaches were officially closed, but full of people walking their dogs, babies and etc. Everyone just climbed over the barriers to the beach with strollers and all.

Aptos was also an opportunity to review what I had brought in my car. I parked my car in Suzi and Larry’s driveway next to her laundry room and we carried in most of my boxes, bags, suitcases and tubs. I had greatly reduced what I was taking in the car the day I loaded the big U-boxes and needed to review what I had along for this journey. I will not see my things in storage until probably November. I could not remember what safe place I had put my passport! I looked through all my bags, tubs and pockets. Finally after a day of searching I went out to the car and looked in the glove box and hurray! It was there. My wardrobe for the next couple of months will be turtlenecks and sweaters, so I made sure they were easily accessible.

Visiting my good friends is soothing and helpful. Being near the ocean and up in the snow feeds my soul and brings me joy. A wonderful way to begin this journey.

10 thoughts on “California visiting

  1. Lori Doubek

    Hi Dr. Breiten, I bike 100 miles in Truckee about a year ago. I loved it there. Glad to hear you are with friends and wishing you a wonderful journey!! God bless!

  2. Michelle Estrada

    Glad to hear you are well and enjoying nature. I had to laugh at “I could not remember what safe place I put my passport”…I do that for birth certificates all the time, and I am not even traveling!! Take care, Michelle.

    By the way your had recommended a book on raising boys, do you remember what it was called? Thanks!

  3. R. Stone

    I’m so happy to hear of all the goodness and healing that’s finding you! With all of the health and wellness that you’ve brought to my child (and thus my family), I sincerely hope and pray that you receive this amount ten fold.


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