Back to Heathrow airport

Exploring Exeter and the Devon area was wonderful. I took coastal train trips to Exmouth, Torquay (the English Rivera) and down to Cornwall. Lori and Stewart drove me to Dartmoor National Forest on Saturday.
This is what heather looks like up close – both the pale and darker pink are different types of heather:

It was intermittent rain and sun while I stayed in Devon, so always had my rain jacket along. I enjoyed cooking a couple of dinners for the family also. Shopping for groceries, discovering the kitchen, figuring it all out was a pleasant challenge. This is my Exeter family on the way to a wedding and St. Martin’s church near Exeter Cathedral:

On the day trip to Dartmoor, Stewart and I were both sneezing and both ended up with colds. I began reading a trilogy, Fitz and Fool series, by Robin Hobb, while I was being quiet with my cold. I am now on the third book – the author stops the books in the middle of the action and leaves you hanging. I am going to finish the series on the plane tomorrow, I sure hope it has a decent ending!
I spent a day in Cornwall with a KaliKalos friend, Sahajo. This is the sleeping lady at Haligan gardens in St. Austell

I had a lovely Exeter lunch with a friend, Anne, from my homeopathy training in Greece. She showed me St. Martin’s and told me about Devon thunder and lightening tea scones. Those are scones served with Devon clotted cream and honey.

I visited my KaliKalos work buddies in Peterborough for a day. It was nice to see the town and the area. We went on a bike ride around lakes and along rivers that also alternated between sun showers – a true English summer, I understand. We rode folding train bikes, which I really liked, easy to ride.

I went for the weekend to Bishop’s Stortford to visit a Findhorn classmate, Gemma and her parents, Eve and Shamus. She is living temporarily with her parents and working in the area. We all enjoyed spending time together. They certainly fed me really well! Eve, Gemma and I took the train to London on Saturday and visited Portobello market, then had dinner and went to see the musical, Kinky Boots. I really enjoyed it all.

Here I am, five months later, in the same IBIS hotel near Heathrow airport that I stayed in when I arrived. Tomorrow morning I fly back to Los Angeles. It is a 11 hour flight, so I leave at 10 AM and land in LA at 1 PM. I lose 8 hours. From LA I fly the next morning to Knoxville, Tennessee, so then gain 3 hours back again and travel another six hours. It’s a lot of travelling and flying. I will drink lots of water, then of course have to get up regularly for the bathroom, take baby aspirin and plenty of fish oil to keep my blood thin and prevent strokes, etc. I haven’t always kept well hydrated traveling because bathrooms sometimes are not convenient, but I definitely will for this travel.

I am still not clear on what I have learned or how this will reshape my life, but I am delighted with the new friends and experiences I have enjoyed. I have a packing system now I did not have last time I was at the IBIS. I am very comfortable with trains and buses now. Most days in the UK I have layered a cotton t-shirt with a long sleeve, zip neck sweater or shirt over top, dressing is easy. I have more energy, I am able to jog around train stations, up and down stairs with my luggage without any difficulty, rarely take naps. I can read on trains and buses now if I take ginger capsules before I start the trip. I feel calmer, more trusting about people and my future.

10 thoughts on “Back to Heathrow airport

  1. Merilee Fox

    Welcome home Valeria, I have loved reading about all your adventures and feel on some level I got to experience it through reading about it. I’m so glad you were courageous enough to do this and lived your dreams out there. I look forward to hearing about the next chapter of your life.
    Blessings, merilee fox

  2. Janell Cauble

    Welcome Home indeed. Tell Leigh and Mike and Glendoris hello for me when you get to Knoxville. Love
    Janell & Bob

  3. Katharine

    Golly…5+ months sure goes fast!! Looking forward to helping you ease back into life in So. Oregon. No agenda, no expectations…just going slow, a change from your experience during your months of exploration in Europe.

  4. Mary Ellen

    Great to hear about some of your journeys this last 5 months. Hope to see you soon and hear more
    stories and plans for the future.

    Take care, Mary Ellen


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