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Dr. Valeria Breiten has recently self published her book on how to care for yourself and and your family at home. It is a guide to using natural substances like herbs, homeopathy and water therapy to heal acute problems that arise in day to day life. She is available to teach classes, either all day seminars or evening classes on sustainable, natural health care at home.

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Matching Remedy Kit


This homeopathy kit is 20 homeopathic

remedies custom created by Boiron to

match recommendations in the book,

Naturally Healthy at Home by Dr. Breiten.


It is wonderful to have in emergencies,

at night or on the road.


It is priced at only $80 and is approximately

the same dimensions as the book for compact storage.



Kit $80 + Sales tax $6.32 + Shipping $10 = $96.32 Total Charge