Dr. Valeria is a licensed Naturopathic Physician in Oregon and Arizona. She is a Registered Dietitian, a Certified Classical Homeopath and predominantly uses homeopathy, nutrition, Scenar and botanical medicine in her practice. Her style is warm and cheerful and her focus is on you, the patient. How can she help you become healthier?

Dr. Valeria is now practicing online, which you can schedule by going to “Book an Appointment” and in the Southern Rogue Valley doing house calls. She is currently doing lifestyle advice, classical homeopathy, nutrition and herbal recommendations plus in Southern Oregon, Scenar treatments. She will no longer prescribe prescription medications. Her virtual pharmacy at Fullscript is still available for your supplement needs.

Dr. Valeria has a blog which she started during her sabbatical travel to Europe earlier this year and is continuing as she explores intentional communities in the USA. Sign up in the box to receive notification of the posts, or go to “Blog” to read them.  

Why should you see Dr. Valeria?

  • She is passionate about homeopathy. She teaches it, studies it and has had wonderful success with it.  She is now a CCH – Certified Classical Homeopath.
  • Receive holistic nutrition advice from a Registered Dietitian with over 30 years of experience.
  • Scenar biofeedback therapy is a powerful therapy to treat pain. Dr. Valeria is certified levels 1,2 and 3 plus an international trainer of level 1 and 2.
  • An ability to listen closely and recognize the source of the problem. Understanding the root of the problem is essential to being able to focus your treatment wisely.
  • Dr. Valeria enjoys working with very sensitive people and is now a certified CEASE therapist.
  • Dr. Valeria stopped being a CIGNA provider on February 17th when she left Arizona. The Arizona business line phone and fax are answered by Michelle at Dr. Barrie Zeller’s office, Zest Natural Medicine where all the Arizona patient charts reside.